My name is Ramon Acedo, I’m a Cloud Architect who started in the Open Source world in the age of the 33.6K modems. I have seen the evolution of the FOSS in all sorts of organisations: as a sysadmin, as an entrepreneur, as a Red Hat employee, as a Yahoo! employee and for a couple of years I worked mostly with enterprise proprietary software for VMware, where I could help large enterprises who use both, proprietary and FOSS, to solve their business requirements using VMware-based private clouds. Back into the FOSS industry, I have also helped Canonical/Ubuntu to develop the OpenStack business around the world.

I work now for Red Hat helping businesses in their journey to an enterprise-class OpenStack experience.

Most of my posts are about OpenStack and VMware.

The posts here are my own and I write them in my free time.


If you’d like to get in touch, please, send me a message: